CHD 418

Powerful Features

Low vibration
Low noise.
Quick and Easy Start .
Compact and Powerful
Direct injection diesel engine.
Small engine for a wide range of applications .


Type: SingleVerticalCylinder,4-stroke,aircooled,directInjectiondieselengine
Max.Power: 9hp@3600rpm
RatedPower: 8hp@3600rpm
RatedSpeed: 3600rpm
MaxTorque: 20Nm@3000rpm
BorexStroke(mm): 86mm x72mm
Displacement: 418cc
CompressionRatio: 20:01
OilCapacity: 1.65litres
LubricationSystem: PressureSplashLubrication
StartingSystem: RecoilStart/Electric*
P.T.O.ShaftRotation: Anti-clockwise
AirCleaner: Dry,dualelementtypeorOilbathtype
FuelTankCapacity: 5.5litres
FuelConsumption: 270g/kWh
Length: 412mm
Width: 471mm
Height: 491mm

CHD418 Design and Power Curve